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Greetings from the heart of Austria, where cultures blend and passions intertwine.

I am Idriz Sanie, a multi-talented individual hailing from the enchanting landscapes of Afghanistan, now thriving in the vibrant community of Austria. I invite you to join me on a journey that harmoniously weaves together my diverse passions and achievements.

🎶 Melodies of Culture: Music is my soul’s language, and I bring to life the rich traditions of both Persian and Greek sounds. With strings and rhythms, I craft stories that transcend boundaries and evoke emotions that know no borders.

💪 Champion of Strength: Beyond melodies, I am a two-time champion in the realm of professional fitness. My dedication to the art of sculpting the human body has not only yielded physical strength but has also become a testament to perseverance and determination.

New Music video: Kapou Monoi

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From the vibrant hues of my musical journey, the sculpted dedication of my fitness exploits, to the artistic expressions.

Embracing Passion

Music & fitness are not mere interests—they are the very essence of my being. I find boundless joy in their pursuit, and it’s this passion that fuels my drive to excel in every facet of life.



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